Faith hauler hits trouble on cross country journey

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Faith Motorsports hauler enroute from Pheonix to Homestead has had an unexpected two-day delay in rural Louisiana, making just getting to the season finale a struggle for the team.

Team driver and owner Morgan Shepherd said the hauler pulled off the highway in Louisiana early Monday during a rain storm and the trailer axles got stuck in soft soil.

“The drivers had to get a tow truck to pull the hauler out and as a result the rear wheels on one side of the trailer and the air bag and brakes got damaged pretty bad,” Shepherd said. “We had the parts overnighted to begin repairs on Tuesday,” but as of Tuesday night the hauler was still not back on the road. Check in for haulers at Homestead is 5 p.m. on Thursday. “We had hoped to be repainting a green car to black by Tuesday morning to run it as the #21 this weekend,” Shepherd said. “This incident is putting in jeopardy our plans.”

Shepherd said he hadn’t planned on running the same #21 from the Phoenix race at Homestead due to drastic setup differences between the tracks and different horsepower packages. He had planned on repainting an intermediate track #89 car to the #21 paint scheme early this week and making a swap on the way to Homestead.

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